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Do I have to tell my partner I want an abortion?

The decision of abortion is an important and serious choice to make as you navigate an unexpected pregnancy. It can sometimes be difficult to talk about this issue with a partner. Because of the sensitivity of the topic, we have some tips that can help guide you in this important conversation.

You’re not legally required to receive your partner’s consent before an abortion, but you may consider hearing them out.

Telling Your Partner the News

To begin the conversation, explain your feelings rather than just what option you’re thinking over. Starting the conversation with the “why” will mentally prepare them for the reasons you’re considering abortion. 

Think about a time that works best for both of you for this discussion, when you can be fully present and have few distractions. Take into consideration whether or not he’s had a bad day and pick a time when he isn’t already stressed.

2. Listen to His Input

If you want your partner’s help deciding if abortion is the best choice for you, listen to his questions and concerns. Maybe he wants to parent or choose adoption. Or is he concerned about the risks of abortion?

Your partner may have input and advice that you haven’t thought of yet. If you feel you need to, let your partner know his opinion is important to you, even if the final say is yours.

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3. Protect Your Safety

Most importantly, consider your safety. If you don’t feel safe talking with your partner about this pregnancy, discuss your options with someone you trust. Confide in a friend or family member.

It’s best to talk to at least one person about your situation before making your final decision. Take your time, you don’t need to rush.

Know that we are always a resource to help facilitate this conversation if you feel you’d like some help. We have trained staff who can help guide this conversation with the two of you.

4. Gather Information

Before you begin the conversation, it’s important to have helpful information with you as you discuss your choices. We have a full scope of information on all the possibilities open to you. Everyone always has three options: Parenting, adoption, and abortion. We would love to hear how you are doing and how we can care for you in this unplanned pregnancy. 

Get Extra Support

You can discuss your pregnancy options with our team at the Chequamegon Pregnancy Center at no cost to you. Our compassionate and non-judgmental staff can provide you with more medical and scientific education on your options and steps to confirm your pregnancy, including an ultrasound. Schedule an appointment today.

You’re not alone. We are here to help you. Remember that you are valuable, and deserve the best care.